Proudline + Casting for Recovery

2019 Event Photos

2019 brought Western Colorado another group of wonderful Casting for Recovery participants, graced by the gifts of the Crystal River and the generous time and talents of the many volunteers and fishing guides.

Thank you for supporting the 2019 Colorado Western Slope Retreat!

“I left the river with new purpose!”

“It brought me back to nature and gave me an activity that I could be proud of.”

“There is nothing more relaxing than time on or in the river! The sound and flow help bring balance to life!”

“I came out of my shell! Remembered who I was and found out who I could be!”

“What was most meaningful were the people who attended the CfR event and were also cancer survivors— knowing we are all not alone and have gone through the cancer journey.”

“I had been cooped up for almost a year recovering and I realized it was time to get back out there and enjoy life.”

“I felt at peace for the first time in a long time!”

“I liked learning about the watershed, river, bugs, practicing, fishing and the talk session; I guess everything! 🙂 Oh, and I really liked the river ceremony.”

“All I can say is Thank you! I left the retreat feeling healed.”

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On the Fly: To cast is to hope

Last weekend the Roaring Fork Valley hosted the fourth annual Casting for Recovery Western Slope Retreat at the historic Redstone Inn. This no-cost-to-participants fly-fishing retreat weekend is geared toward female breast cancer survivors of any age and any stage. Fifty-five participants have now enjoyed this healing and informative weekend retreat since its Western Slope inception. CfR is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and is nationally recognized for introducing survivors to the art of fly fishing and encouraging them to continue their pursuits as well.