About Your Guide: Derek Grzelewski

Before moving to Colorado a few years ago, for a decade and a half Derek Grzelewski was a fly fishing guide in New Zealand – one of the best but also the most challenging trout fisheries on the planet. If you like angling literature, you may have already come across his books about it. The Trout Trilogy – Trout DiariesTrout Bohemia and Trout Dreams, all about fly fishing adventures in New Zealand and Colorado – have been published in the US and are readily found in all good bookstores.

Reviewing one of his books, Marshall Cutchin, the publisher of MidCurrent.com commented: “Derek Grzelewski writes like a dazzling impressionist. Trout Bohemia will make you think that fly fishing was just invented, and that every river is waiting to be explored for the first time.” Derek has become a part of the extended Proudline family when he married Jennifer White who was one of Kea’s closest friends and his regular fishing and skiing companion. “Unfortunately, I never met the man himself,” Derek says, “but from all I’ve heard about him I’m sure we would have made good fast friends as we both have burnt with the same passion for trout and the snow, and shared many similar values and attitudes.”

Derek’s expertise in fly fishing extends through all the varied aspects of the sport: from sight-fishing and dry fly, to float trips and Spey. He’s an internationally qualified casting instructor and can help you tune up your fly casting no matter what level you find yourself at. When not on a Colorado trout river, Derek guides backcountry ski tours in Japan for three months every winter, pursues his interests in kite skiing, and leads fly fishing trips to New Zealand and South America. You’ll find him at Best-Days-Only.com where all his passions combine and only the best days are worth having.