About Your Guide: David Santini

Beginning with a Snoopy rod in hand and most likely a dirty diaper in tow (and pictures to prove it!) David’s love for fishing has only grown from those early days. David started off on the East Coast fishing dirty watah ponds around Boston for Bass and Pike off his bicycle, then graduating to Striper Fishing off the Northeast Coast, and to the Great North for Brookies, Smallmouth, and Landlocked Salmon in and around the waters of Grand Lake Stream in Maine with a fly rod. Most of David’s fishing endeavors were self-taught, armed with only the inquisitive mind. The occasional advice from an old timer to help him along the way brought him to what he truly loves: guiding others into the world of fly-fishing.

Due to his self-taught style of fly-fishing, David has an acute understanding of the difficulty that a newcomer encounters when attempting to become a proficient flyfisherman/woman, and he is able to shorten the learning curve by break things down in a very simple, patient, and easy to understand fashion. David has been guiding in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2006, starting off under the not-so-focused eyes of the late and forever great Kea Hause. David attempts to give the same patience and love that Kea gave to his clients, whom in many cases, became life-long friends. David is a dedicated family man, a U.S. Marine Combat Veteran, and takes the same view towards safety on the river that he had with the Marines under his command in Fallujah: Complacency Kills. When he is not on the river, you will most likely find him somewhere around 10,000 feet, chasing elk with his bow and arrow.